Terms and conditions

Business Terms and Conditions


1. Dispatching Periods


The goods, which are in stock, are dispatched from our warehouse within 5 business days. The goods which are not in stock are delivered within 20 business days. You will be contacted in case when it is not possible to consign the goods.

You can get information about the execution of your delivery on the e-mail address: obchod@rutex.sk.


2. Terms of Payment


Cash on delivery – you will pay goods value and a dispatching fee in the amount of 3.70 euros when goods are delivered.


3. Postage and Packing


The goods will be sent to you by post. Dispatching costs in the amount of 3.70 euros including goods price will be charged to you.


4. Prices


Unless otherwise stated all prices will include VAT. The VAT of all products. which you can buy in our company, is 20%.


5. The Cancellation of Order by Rutex Trade, s.r.o.


We reserve the right to cancel an order in case the required goods are not produced any more and they are not in stock. A customer will be instantly informed about this fact and other changes in order will be agreed on individually.


6. Guarantee of Money Refund


It is necessary to submit a tax document – an invoice, if money refund and goods replacement are required. If you are not satisfied with goods, you can return it without any reason. Your money will be refunded under the following conditions:


  1. The goods you return must not be damaged or dirty in any way and must be packaged in an original package. A customer must send the goods to our address within 14 business days since the customer accepted them. The customer pays for the postage in this case. We pay only the price of goods, not dispatching costs.

  2. The customer will pack the goods he is returning and he will send it to the address: RUTEX Trade, s.r.o., 913 03 Drietoma No. 703.

  3. We will refund the money within 3 days since we received the goods after examining the goods, that is by a postal order or a bank transfer to your account according to your request.


7. Goods Replacement, Conditions and Procedure


If you require, we will replace the goods for a different size or a different colour under the following conditions:


The goods which you return must not be damaged or dirty in any way and must be packaged in an original package. A customer must send the goods to our address within 14 business days since he received them. A customer pays for the delivery to our address. We pay the dispatching costs of the replaced goods.


The goods will be sent according to a period stated for a selected kind of goods.


8. Customer Protection


We try to protect your privacy in our business contact. We need from you necessary data to provide you our services. We protect the data against abuse.


  1. The data you provide in your order: name, surname, street, locality, postal code, telephone, e-mail.

  2. Data of our cooperation: Your orders are collected during our cooperation and this is necessary to provide goods delivery, settlements of possible complaints etc. Purchase data are filed in safe database and they are not provided to any other entities.

  3. Using of your data outside the company RUTEX Trade s.r.o.: Your personal data are considered to be confidential in our company and they will be provided only to partners who are in charge of payment within particular payment. These data will in no way be provided to advertising, marketing or other similar companies.

  4. Providing information to the third parties: RUTEX Trade, s.r.o. can provide summary statistical data about customers, visits, sales, etc. only to trustworthy third parties, for example The Slovak Statistical Authority. However, the information do not contain any data which would enable to identify individual customers.


RUTEX Trade, s.r.o. appreciate your trust and undertakes to protect your private data fully against abuse.


You agree with the collection and the use of information of you and your purchases by sending your order to our company RUTEX Trade, s.r.o. .


9. Guarantees – Guarantee Guidelines


In case a damaged consignment is delivered to you, state the description of damage in a hand in record, where you justify why you did not accept the goods so that we can ask a damage compensation from a hauler. Your justified complaint will be settled immediately.


10. Guarantee Guidelines


  1. All goods are covered by a lawful guarantee period. A guarantee relates to all visible and hidden faults of goods damage which are not compatible with their functionality, usable and esthetical features. A purchaser will prove the origin of goods on the basis of an invoice, a delivery note which the purchase must keep for this purpose during a guarantee period.

  2. A purchaser is obliged to examine the goods without an undue delay after their acceptance. The acceptance means the handing in of goods to a customer from a hauler.

  3. A purchaser is obliged without an undue delay after accepting and examining the delivered goods to inform the seller about all faults and defects which he found out.

  4. When he finds out the difference in quantity, size and kind of goods in comparison with data stated in an invoice or a delivery note, it is necessary to write a report about the ascertained fact to the seller within 3 working days since he accepted the goods.

  5. A purchaser must report the ascertained defects to the seller in a written form to seller´s address. A purchaser must state the ascertained defects /features in the report, how they show/ and he must state a claim which he applies as a consequence of defect.

  6. It is necessary to submit an invoice or a delivery note or document of payment and of goods delivery and goods which he complains about.

  7. A purchaser will send a written complaint by post or e-mail to seller´s address: obchod@rutex.sk, at the same time he will deliver the goods which he complains about to seller´s address by post or by other shipment company.

  8. The seller is obliged to settle the complaint in a lawful period of 30 days. The lawful period begins to pass on the day of complaint delivery to the seller.

  9. A customer bears the costs related to the consignment of goods related to the complaint.